Monday, April 19, 2010

The Beginning of This Beautiful Journey! 2-25-10

Good afternoon everyone! I just want to start off by telling you my story and experience thus far. I just found out that I was pregnant last Wednesday. I had just had a little meltdown at school the day before and I couldn't figure out why I wanted to cry all the time. I was very frustrated! So I decided that just for the fun of it I would take a test to see. So, I ran to Wal-Mart picked up a test, took it home and took the test. A few minutes of anxious waiting happens only to see one really strong pink line and then one extremely faint pink line! I then called one of my close friends in a panic asking her to read this test. She was like what test and I told her a pregnancy test. Her response was go get another and meet me at my house at six. Then another trip to Wal-Mart for another pregnancy test and off to Brit's I went. Get there rush to the bathroom because by that point I really had to go pee. So I pulled out the test and then let it sit on the counter right next to the first test and three minutes later I definitely had a second positive test! I spent the next six hours or so in shock just trying to wrap my head around this all. Then I got to thinking about it and thought this kid is going to be due in August which is right when I graduate from nursing school! Yikes! Nursing school, am I going to be able to finish it? Clinicals what am I going to do about clinicals? Oh great I'm going to have to by maternity scrubs! How am I going to tell my parents, brother, and sister! Just the flood of questions pop in my head. The next day I called my doctor and they said that I was going to have to wait a month before seeing her and my thought was I'm already 13 weeks along or so I can't wait another month to start prenatal care. Next thought, I have to find another doctor. Once again Brittney to the rescue, she says call my doctor he will get ya in. Well sure enough I got in the following Monday! I spent the whole weekend completely nervous just wishing time would go by fast so I could figure out for sure and not drinking any caffeine! That has to be the hardest thing ever. Especially when you are having caffeine headaches! Then Sunday roles around and I'm hanging out with my sister and I was on the phone with my boyfriend and we were kind of talking about it and my sis was sitting in the seat next to me listening to all of it. I get off the phone and I'm kind of looking a little sad and upset and she was like what's going on. My typical response to that "Oh nothing. Just life!" The next words out of her mouth " Are you pregnant?" My response to that question is "Ummmmm yeah." She then of course doesn't believe me and makes me go by two more tests and take them. Well off to Wal-Mart we go.....AGAIN! Pick up the tests, go home, take the tests, and shock of all shocks they both come out positive! She starts freaking out, which I expected to happen and asking me a zillion and one questions. Okay got that off my chest, then a text message later from her saying " Don't be mad. I had to tell I told Parker (our brother)" I was like okay that's fine and then Parker called, he was a little shocked but has been very supportive, along with Zoe now that she is over the shock. Finally, Monday comes and I go to my doctors appointment and they try to do a normal ultrasound first but don't see anything. Next thing I know we are doing a vaginal ultrasound and then you see this little black dot, which they later identified as being the yolk sac! Eventually we will be able to see a baby right there where the yolk sac is now. I was extremely excited! I'm going to have a baby! I then went in and talked to my doctor and he said that he wants to wait a few more weeks and just have another ultrasound done and we should be able to see an embryo and hear a heart beat. I'm so thrilled about getting to have this opportunity! They think that right now I'm about 5 weeks along but haven't come up with an exact due date yet. Meanwhile I'm experiencing most of the common pregnancy symptoms like the heartburn, mood swings, fatigue, and my boobs hurt so bad it's not even funny! Some days I think my boobs hurting is worse than the heart burn but I know that won't last too long! Now, I'm dealing with trying to figure out how to tell my parents. At this point I'm scared to death that they are just going to be so disappointed in me and I can understand that but right now more than anytime before I need their love, support, and understanding. So, the next step is waiting till March 8th to go have ultrasound number two done and telling my parents. On top of all of it, I'm still trying to get finances situated and money put aside so I can move to St.Louis and trying to find a job there after I graduate school. So much to do and not enough time to do it all! Thanks for reading and I will keep ya posted as I go!

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