Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Baby Steps, It's All About the Baby Steps

Life has been a little chaotic these last couple of weeks! To start with Lorelai turned one this past friday and boy did we have fun! We had the family birthday dinner with Mimi and Papa friday evening at the 63 Diner. Which is a family favorite and Lorelai got to experience her first McDougal family birthday tradition at the diner. Brownie and ice cream........this equals trouble!

Then on Saturday we had her first birthday party! It was a very exciting time we had some friends come over and we decorated pumpkins and ate lots of cake and pizza! Lorelai loved being with her friends and family. She also enjoyed her gifts especially this turtle that talks and sings!

Now to the Baby Steps! I got my own apartment! It's a huge baby step in my life. Something I have been wanting to do for awhile and the oppertunity came along and I got a great deal due to some awesome people that I work for! So, the entire week before Lorelai's party I was moving and planning a birthday party all at the same time. It was a little chaotic and I think I was kind of nuts for doing it but both things got accomplished successfully I must say! I'm adjusting to being in my own house with just Lorelai and I. It's pretty quite which I'm not used too and I'm constantly feeling like I need to be doing something or that I need to be out and about. I'm not used to not having anyone around. Good thing mom doesn't live that far away and I still see dad practically everyday! Going grocery shopping by myself is another adventure I'm getting used to. I come from a family of five so grocery shopping was a big to do in our house and it always seemed as if we were buying a ton of food! So now I'm just buying for me and Lorelai (who doesn't eat a ton) and I feel kind of strange with just the little bit of stuff I get. I feel as though I need to be buying more even though I really don't. So, those are the new adventures we have encountered lately and we'll keep you posted on more adventures to come!!! :)
Happy Fall Everyone!!!!!!!!