Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm exhausted!!!

Ok so it is now 11:35 pm and I have now been up for about 24hrs straight. I'm officially exhausted and all I want to do is sleep but I just can't manage to get comfortable. The good news is today I'm 36 weeks pregnant meaning I have hit the nine month mark and I only have 4 weeks to go that is if Lorelai doesn't decide to show up before hand. I have a doctor appointment in the morning so we will see what the doctor has to say and if he is going to make her show up early! As much as I'm anxious to meet my bundle of joy I figure she will come out when she is ready. So I try to just deal with all the things that are making me uncomfortable at this point knowing that it is all to keep her healthy and happy!

I went to check out a home daycare today. I was very excited about it. The lady who runs it is very friendly and she was a nurse but her real passion is run her daycare. There are only three other kids there at the moment one of which is her daugther. The oldest kid there is only two, this made me feel more comfortable knowing that Lorelai would have kids pretty close to her age around. I was also pretty excited because she works with the kids on sign language and spanish...I know it's a tad early for the spanish but I had definitely planned on teaching Lorelai some sign language anyway so that was very encouraging as well.

Well I think I'm going to attempt to go lay down and see if I can catch a few zzzs. Anywho have a good night everyone and I will let you know the appt goes in the morning!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So here is the latest updates in my life....I have been doing pretty good other than getting to be absolutely huge! I keep gaining more and more weight ( I know it's apart of being pregnant but gosh!) Lorelai seems to be doing really well. I on the other hand have been having the issues. Sunday morning I woke up with a charlie horse in my left calf at 6am which hurt like hell and then to add to it I started to get a headache. Well this headache is still here and driving me nuts. I went to see my doctor yesterday only to find out he wasn't there because he was on call over the weekend. So I had to go see a physicians assistant who gave me a script and said go home and rest which I did and yet I still have the headache. I then went to see my doctor today for my normal check up and he isn't sure why I'm having the headache other than the fact that he still thinks I could possibly have preeclampsia. So he put me on bed rest until Lorelai comes into the world and then I had to go get blood tests done. He also checked my cervix and I'm half a centimeter dilated. Now the waiting game for the results of my blood test and two to keep dilating! I'm just anxiously awaiting to see what happens next!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

We are getting Closer!!!

Okay so I know it's been a couple of weeks since I have been on here. There really hasn't been much going on here other than I'm getting bigger and bigger as the days go by. Which is driving me nuts because I can't seem to get comfortable to save my soul! Lorelai is doing really well she keeps growing and the doctor says everything is looking good. I swear she knows whenever I'm talking to her because she starts kicking she is doing now! The doctor is saying that my blood pressure is looking good for now and has let me work for two weeks now! Yay and Thank you God! We had my baby shower this past weekend and I had a total blast seeing everyone there and having them all there to celebrate with me! Lorelai got lots of cool new presents that I'm sure she will love to play with and use when she gets here. We are now down to the last six weeks of my pregnancy but she could come even sooner than that. My doctor also said that if I have any more complications with my blood pressure that we will have to induce at 37 weeks. So we will see what happens with that. Other than getting ready for Lorelai not much is really going on. I'm super duper duper excited because it is finally the FALL and it's cooling off! The leaves are starting to change colors and all the holidays are starting to come!