Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So here is the latest updates in my life....I have been doing pretty good other than getting to be absolutely huge! I keep gaining more and more weight ( I know it's apart of being pregnant but gosh!) Lorelai seems to be doing really well. I on the other hand have been having the issues. Sunday morning I woke up with a charlie horse in my left calf at 6am which hurt like hell and then to add to it I started to get a headache. Well this headache is still here and driving me nuts. I went to see my doctor yesterday only to find out he wasn't there because he was on call over the weekend. So I had to go see a physicians assistant who gave me a script and said go home and rest which I did and yet I still have the headache. I then went to see my doctor today for my normal check up and he isn't sure why I'm having the headache other than the fact that he still thinks I could possibly have preeclampsia. So he put me on bed rest until Lorelai comes into the world and then I had to go get blood tests done. He also checked my cervix and I'm half a centimeter dilated. Now the waiting game begins...one for the results of my blood test and two to keep dilating! I'm just anxiously awaiting to see what happens next!

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