Friday, January 13, 2012

It's A New Year

I have survived another year! Things are staying busy as usual around here. It seems as though there is just always something going on. Let's see I really can't remember a whole lot of what happened since that last time I posted. So I will just start with Christmas! This was Lorelai's second Christmas and it seemed to be a little more exciting to her then last Christmas (she was only 3 months old.) Lorelai got spoiled and got a doll house that her great great great grandpa had made for my mom at one point and my uncle fixed it up for Lorelai and shipped it to us all the way from Vermont. That was Lorelai's big gift for this year. She seemed to be more interested in the wrapping paper and boxes than most of her toys although her Dora shoes caught her attention. We went up to my mom's house for Christmas and enjoyed it with my siblings, my mom, and Parker's girlfriend Caroline. We all really enjoyed the gifts that we got from each other. Then later Christmas Day as the usual McDougal family tradition we went and had Christmas dinner at China Garden. Which was really good. The following week I drove to St.Louis on Tuesday, Parker and Caroline drove there on Tuesday as well, and then Mom and Zoe drove up to St.Louis on Wednesday to pick my grandmother up from the airport. She flew in from Vermont to spend a few weeks with us! We then spent Thursday sight seeing around St.Louis and eating brunch at this restaurant called the Rooster. It was really Yummy!

New Years was just another day to me. I ended up being at home and falling asleep. In fact I've done that for the last three years! I really enjoyed my visit with my Grandma and was very excited that she got to meet her first great grandchild. She was totally in awe of Lorelai. Lorelai showed her all the things she can say and how she can climb up stairs. Zoe and Parker have been driving around like crazy. Zoe has so far gone to Iowa and then had to go back to Kansas City a couple of times for work study training. Parker has been home and then driving back and forth to St.Louis because his girlfriend has moved back there and gotten a job at a hospital there. We are very proud of her but this distance thing is pretty hard on Parker and I'm sure on Caroline too. He has been talking about moving there this summer.

I have started another class at school. I'm taking Biology. It's a little nerve racking because it's been a few years since I've had biology. Although I was pretty good at it in high school but that was five years ago! So we'll see how this goes. My teacher is the wife of my science teacher from junior high school. I think that is pretty funny. I can tell you this though I definitely am not fond of this in class thing. I got so used to being able to do my classes online and that I really enjoy. It allows me to work on it a little bit, stop and do whatever I need to do and then go back to it. As opposed to the in class thing where I go to work and then right after work I go to class. It's kind of exhausting and hard to stay awake but I'm going to make it through this.

Meanwhile, one of my best friend's is getting married in March. So we've been busy dealing with wedding planning and I'm the maid of honor which is exciting but a huge responsibility as well. Then my other best friend got engaged over Christmas and even though it's going to be a year or so before they get married we have already tried to start planning some small details for her wedding. I'm also the maid of honor for her wedding as well. I'm very excited for the both of them and can't wait to be apart of these weddings! Love you both girls!!

I think that pretty much covers everything I can remotely think of at the moment! So Happy New Year to everyone!! :)