Saturday, January 26, 2013

7 Months worth of craziness!!!

According to blogger I haven't blogged in approximately 7 months! Ahhh!!! So, I figure now is the time to
attempt to catch up on the happenings of the McDougals!

July: Was pretty normal, nothing to super exciting. The 4th of July came and went. Lorelai seemed to enjoy
the fireworks more this year than last. She just stared at them so intently it was rather amusing!

August: Turnover season at the apartments which means it gets a little chaotic and crazy! That's pretty much all that happened in August.

Septemeber: Beginning of Fall which is totally my favorite time of year! The weather cools downs just enough, the orange, yellow, and red leaves start showing up, and of course that means Halloween is right around the corner!

October: Well let's see my baby girl turned 2!!!! We had her birthday party at the Little Gym. I think that was the greatest thing ever! They did practically everything as far as sending out invitations, having games ready for the kiddos, etc. It was just great to have so much fun celebrating w/ Lorelai and getting to see her with her friends! The middle of October I started a second job at MBS Textbooks in their call center. I had worked their previously when Lorelai was first born during their "Winter Rush" as we so lovingly refer to it. Now, they have hired me as a part time permanent order processing agent.It's fun and exhausting but you do what you have to do to make it sometimes!Halloween was also this month. Lorelai dressed up as a witch.However, we didn't make it out trick or treating. She decided throwing a temper tantrum was much more enjoyable. So, after her temper tantrum we curled up on the couch watched movies and ate pizza! Quality mommy-daughter time!

November: Was Thanksgiving. As usual protocol with the McDougal's we all gathered up at my mom's house and celebrated with her! My friend Chris and his parents came over to have dinner with us as well which was great. I love having family and friends around and just getting to enjoy quality time with each other!

December: Christmas! Christmas was at my mom's house this year. It was wonderful! I was super excited to have the family around as usual! Zoe got to come home for about a week. Although, I wish she would have stayed longer but I know she needed to get back to Kansas City to go to work. I was able to get my mom a 32" Flat Screen Tv for Christmas and she was totally suprised and excited. It's really a nice feeling to be able to get your mom something that she has been wanting for a while and totally wasn't expecting to get. I was also able to get Lorelai a Wii for christmas. I'm hoping that I can find some good educational games for her to be able to play on it! Also, on Christmas an unusual McDougal family tradition is to go to a Chinese restaurant for Chrismtas dinner! So, that is what we did!

January 2013!!!: A new year! Well it's January and in the accounting office that equals craziness!!!!! It means W-2s have to get sent out and we are transitioning from 2012 to 2013! It also means the start of tax season for us! Also, I have started classes again! I'm taking Intro to Business, Accounting I, Macroeconomics, and College Orientation. I have decided I'm a little crazy....single parent, working technically 3 jobs (although it only feels like 2), and taking 4 classes. I guess it will all pay off eventually. This year  my best friend Ashley will be coming home for about 6 months while her husband Nic is being deployed to Japan, my friend Chris will be moving back home after being in Kansas City for entirely way to long, my munckin butt aka Gabe will be turning 4, I'm turning 24, Zoe is turning 20 and my best friend Brittney is getting married on her birthday, Parker is turning 22, a mutual friend of mine and Zoe's who we love dearly will be getting married in July, I have heard whispers of vacations to the east coast this summer to see family, Lorelai will turn 3 in October,  and the most exciting thing for me personally is I will hopefully be having the lap band surgery done!

That's been the last 7 months & a little of what the new year has in store for us!