Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Patiently Waiting!

Things are going fairly well. I went to the doctors yesterday and actually missed my ultrasound appointment by about 15 minutes. Ugh. Although we still ended up doing a Non Stress Test (NST), which I have to have them done every week. I think my child has just decided that whenever we are at the doctors she is just going to sleep during the NST. Anyhow they ended up waking her up by what they call buzzing you. It's like a wand and they put it on your stomach and then it essentially shakes your stomach to wake the baby up. Well it would wake her up enough for her to kick once and then go back to sleep! Stubborn child! That whole process ended up happening twice. After all that fun stuff I went over to Dr. Jone's office and he told me that my blood pressure was up again and that he was putting me on bed rest for two days and do some more blood work. So I get to go back Thursday morning and have a ultrasound and then they are going to tell me how my blood work is looking and if i'm going on complete bed rest or not. Lorelai however seems to be doing really well and they aren't too worried about her at this point. Which is a relief to me.

At the moment I'm sitting here trying not to feel like a huge lazy bum which is truly about all you can feel like when you can't get up to do anything but go to the bathroom and get food! I don't know how long I can handle it. So I have been crossing my fingers and praying my butt off that everything is fine. I guess we will find out tomorrow morning. I'm hoping that maybe I can at least break bed rest for an hour tonight and go to church. Im thinking I will even put my feet up on the chair next to I will still be on bed rest. Lol. Just at church.

I'm really not sure what else there is to say at this point nothing to exciting other than that stuff has gone on lately. I will keep you all posted!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Getting Closer

Well today I'm officially 30 weeks along. I'm doing pretty good other than having a huge stomach attached to me, swollen ankles, being extremely tired all the time, and moving slower than a turtle. I guess that is what happens when your pregnant in the first place and then you add this lovely August heat we have had. Anyhow the gestational diabetes testing and preclampsia testing results came back and both were fine. Yay! Thank you God! We have started going to the doctors every week now and every time we have an ultrasound Lorelai decides she doesn't want her picture taken. The first week she had her face facing my spine, making it hard to get a picture of her. Last week she decided that she was going to put her hand in front of her face but I did get a picture of her foot instead. So we will try again tomorrow and see what stunt she tries to pull or if she is going to let me get a picture of her. The doctor says she is weighing about 2Ibs and 15 oz right now. I don't know how she can be so tiny but cause me to look and feel huge! Oh well. I managed to survive another turnover at the apartments. Luckily this one wasn't as big as the last one but seems to be having more complications than the last one but we survived. Oh the gum cleaning thing went well and my gums don't hurt or bleed near as bad as they did. I have to go back for a follow up on Thursday and they are going to polish my teeth I guess. That ought to be interesting.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Almost Finished

Well today I'm officially 28 weeks pregnant!!!! Meaning there is only three months left before my beautiful little girl gets here. I'm getting extremely anxious for her arrival even though I'm not anywhere near being prepared but still I'm ready for her to get here. I feel like this last trimester has gone so freaking slowly. Lorelai is kicking the crap of me and loves to be up when her momma is trying to sleep and asleep when I'm awake. Mom, zoe, parker, and Dad are still anxious to feel her kick. Which is a little bit of a challenge since she likes to do that more at night that during the day. I have managed to survive turnovers at the apartments this weekend. All I have to say is I haven't worked weekends in a looooonnnnngggg time and it has completely thrown my week off. I'm telling you though you run into some really odd things when you work in an apartment complex! Oh I have a doctors appt this week and this is the fun one where I get to do the diabetic testing and another u/s and then I get to go back every week from now until Lorelai is born so they can do ultrasounds to make sure she is growing properly. On top of all that I get to get my gums cleaned on thursday which means that they are going to numb my gums which means they are going to give me shots in my gums! Yikes! It makes me totally nervous. I think that is all for now. I will keep you all posted in to what happens next!