Monday, August 2, 2010

Almost Finished

Well today I'm officially 28 weeks pregnant!!!! Meaning there is only three months left before my beautiful little girl gets here. I'm getting extremely anxious for her arrival even though I'm not anywhere near being prepared but still I'm ready for her to get here. I feel like this last trimester has gone so freaking slowly. Lorelai is kicking the crap of me and loves to be up when her momma is trying to sleep and asleep when I'm awake. Mom, zoe, parker, and Dad are still anxious to feel her kick. Which is a little bit of a challenge since she likes to do that more at night that during the day. I have managed to survive turnovers at the apartments this weekend. All I have to say is I haven't worked weekends in a looooonnnnngggg time and it has completely thrown my week off. I'm telling you though you run into some really odd things when you work in an apartment complex! Oh I have a doctors appt this week and this is the fun one where I get to do the diabetic testing and another u/s and then I get to go back every week from now until Lorelai is born so they can do ultrasounds to make sure she is growing properly. On top of all that I get to get my gums cleaned on thursday which means that they are going to numb my gums which means they are going to give me shots in my gums! Yikes! It makes me totally nervous. I think that is all for now. I will keep you all posted in to what happens next!

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