Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Learning To Be Mommy

Okay so Lorelai is now 1 month and two days old! She has grown quite a bit in the past month and she currently ways 8 pounds and 3 ounzes. We have already gone on lots of adventures. She has met the dogs and they are slowly adjusting to each other. Archie still whines like crazy when he is around her. We have gone to the park and gotten lots of pictures taken. Thank you Laura! We have gone to my dad's aka Papa's house and stayed there in Boonville. We met a bunch of Papa's friends from work at caterpillar! The girls have gone nuts everytime they see her. We have gone over to Brittney's house and played with Gabe! Play dates already. She went to her first Halloween party over and Greg and Laurens and we had tons of fun! Then we stayed home and watched scary movies and passed candy out to all the trick or treaters. Then this past weekend Lorelai got to meet her daddy for the first time. He has been in St.Louis which is where he lives and couldn't make it for her birth. So we spent the weekend with her dad and let them try to get used to each other. I'm definitely learning a lot being a mommy but I do have to say is thank you god for giving me a very relaxed and easy child to deal with! She is sooo patient with her mommy! Anyhow, I will keep everyone updated on the new experiences we have as we go along!