Thursday, February 28, 2013

Winter Wonderland....2 Months Late

Well things were pretty quiet and easy going......minus the crazy deadlines at work....until we got hit by what is so lovingly being referred to the Snowpocalypse of 2013 on Feb 21st, 2013. I woke up that lovely morning at about 5 am and not a single drop of snow outside. My thoughts are a) the weather man is crazy and really exaggerating b) I'm going back to bed and I will get up in a few hours and head to work. Of course 8:00am rolls around and I so eagerly (notice the sarcasm) mosey my way out of the bed and look out the window only to find several snow covered vehicles that honestly look like they are giant snow balls. I then get Lorelai up and get her dressed. We go outside and dig our way out of the snow. I have decided I'm still going to try to get to work at this point. You have to understand when you live in South Dakota a foot of snow is nothing and my thought is that I can totally tackle this feat! I finally get the car dug out and Lorelai is safely in the warm van as we creep our way up the hill to Ashland Rd and then slowly creep up Ashland Rd to Stadium. I'm beginning to realize just how heavily the snow is falling and that I can only see about 10 feet in front of me. I drive a little bit further and determine I'm calling my boss and telling her I'm not coming in to work. The worst thing ever for me would have been to be stuck at work and unable to get to my daughter. Needless to say Lorelai and I turned around and went home! We spent the day just hangin out around the house and cleaning. I was able to clean, do laundry, and got to play on the wii a bit. In fact we were able to find Super Mario Bros 3 on the wii! I was so excited about that!

Friday, I was luckily scheduled to work at the apartments. So, I was able to take Lorelai to daycare and then walk around the corner from my apartment to the office which was nice. It was pretty quiet other than dealing with calls from tenants regarding the snow and how upset they were because the company that we hire to plow the snow was plowing snow apparently behind their cars. I'm sorry the snow has to go somewhere and unless you are planning on moving your cars before they get there then yes the snow is going to a little stacked up behind your car. Enough of my rant about that. The weekend was pretty normal, just my typical work schedule, homework, and a little bit of play time with Lorelai. Monday I was able to get back to the office and work on some things that really needed to get done. However, Monday afternoon the MoDot issued a No Driving Advisory for 48 hrs starting Tuesday due to another snow storm. So, guess what Tuesday was another snow storm. This one we didn't get as much snow accumulation but it had very heavy wind and the snow that did fall was a very wet and heavy snow. It caused a few roofs to collapse on some businesses, a ton of residents in the MidMo area lost power, and I was out of internet for a large majority of the day due to a fiber optic cable that got cut. I didn't try to go outside that day until about 2:30 in the afternoon when I looked outside and the roads looked like they had been pretty well cleared off. So, Lorelai and I made a quick trip to Hobby Lobby to pick up some things to create my Picture Collage on the empty wall in the living room that was driving me nuts! I also was able to make a coat rack which I had been wanting to do. So, it overall was a productive afternoon. Anyhow, it's now Thursday and it is still snowing just not as bad and yet again they are calling for another snow storm on Tuesday! All I can think of is that we need to have inclement weather pay! Lol. I'm kind of sick of snow at this point and have determined that God just wanted us to have our winter wonderland a little bit later this year and that the groundhog lied big time! :-)

P.S. Walmart on Conley closed today due to a fear of the roof collapsing from the heavy snow. However, I made it there before they closed it down and I was able to find Lorelai an absolutely adorable hat that actually fit over her head! Plus it was on sale!! Super Excited!

Happy Snow Days Everyone!