Monday, April 19, 2010


Okay so everything is going well. I went to my doctors appointment on the 8th of March and had u/s #2 done. The baby has gotten bigger enough to the point that we could see there was an embryo and it's heart rate is at 150 bpm which is perfect. The doctor said baby is due Oct 24th. Now I have a feeling it's either going to be early or its going to be on Halloween. Hoping more for the early end of it! Lol. Now I'm dealing with heart burn still and it's driving me crazy, along with being nauseated constantly. That's a problem on its own. The doctor says for me to eat several smaller meals throughout the day but then I'm nauseated and don't want to eat anything and by the time I do want to eat I'm starving! I just can't win for losing. I also got a baby registry set up at Toys R Us this weekend and a couple of my friends set the date of the baby shower to be July 25th. So now I feel like I'm playing the sit and wait game again. That's pretty much all the new stuff for now. I promise I will update this a little more often!

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