Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Crazy Chaotic Life

Things have been a little crazy since the last time I posted. Right now I'm working like crazy and still going to school and being mom. Work has been kind of nuts with it being turn over season at the apartments. We're running around like chickens with our heads cut off because we have air conditioners falling apart it seems like every six seconds and they are proving to not be easy fixes! I have a week left of school for this eight week session and then I have to take my final and then I get to start my next class which will be Biology. I took it in high school this is just a higher level Biology but I think I will enjoy. The only thing I'm hesistant about is that it requires me to be in class for 5 hours a night for two nights a week. So that's time that takes me away from Lorelai and getting other things done around the house. I will have to do some adjusting to that. My baby sister graduated from high school in May and turned 18 the same month. Anyhow, she is just getting ready to have her "graduation/dorm party" as she calls it next month. Then she is off to KC to go to school August 19th. So I'm anxious/nervous about her leaving but I'm very proud of her.

Lorelai is now 9 months old and is getting sooo big. She started crawling the week before the 4th of July. She now has 6 teeth and is eating all sorts of fun and exciting foods. She loves yogurt and pasta. Well just about anything for that matter. I had to take her to ER for the first time a few weeks ago because she had this diaper rash that just wasn't going away and then it would blister up and break open and bleed. She also wasn't drinking very much as far as formula is concerned. So I was getting a little worried about the possibility of dehydration. Anyhow, found out she had thrush which explains why she wasn't drinking very much and a fungal diaper rash. The doctors gave her some meds for those things and she seems to be doing a lot better! :) The 4th of July was fun. We went down to Warsaw to see of our old friends and they live right on the lake. So we took Lorelai down to the dock and stuck her feet in the water and she loved it. We also took her on her first boat ride. She seemed to enjoy it minus the wind blowing in her face. She still hasn't figured out what to think about the whole wind thing.

I think that is latest excitement in my world! I will keep you all posted on more adventures that Lorelai and I have! :)

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