Monday, August 8, 2011

Just an Update

Well things have been a little nuts lately. We survived the turnovers at the apartments! Yay!!!!!! That's such a stressful time of the year but it went very smoothly. Now we are getting ready to go through a second smaller turnover which I think will go just fine. My sister is getting ready to have her going away/college party as she calls it which will be this coming saturday. It will be fun! Also, I have my brother, sister, and mom moving to 3 different places all in the same week! All I can say is AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Lol.

Now it's time for the infamous Lorelai update. My little girl is now crawling everywhere and she just turned 10 months old yesterday. Gosh, these past ten months have flown by and she just keeps growing it's kind of crazy. Lorelai now has 7 teeth and one more on the way for sure! This past week she came down with a fever of 104.1 and she had it for about three days. Lets just say that was the longest three days and nights I have ever been through. All she wanted to do was lay on top of me and cry constantly. I really didn't get much sleep through that but I'm happy to report she is doing really well now and back to her normal self. I have been working on trying to figure out Lorelai's first birthday party and I think I have it figured out for the most part. Although I'm sure I will end up tweaking it a bit.

I think that's enough for now and I hope all is going well in everyones worlds!

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