Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Making Baby Steps

Let's see where do I start....This past weekend my baby sitter has finally graduated from high school. It's so weird!!!!! I"m super duper excited for her though. It's a "new start" sorta speak for her. She is going to be going to the Kansas City Art Institute in the fall. I'm so very proud of her. She one so many awards from the high school this year which was totally amazing! So after Zoe's graduation we went and had lunch at Rio Grande...yum yum yum! Then one of my good friends called and invited me to go see Tim McGraw in concert. So I went and it was a ton of fun! I hadn't been out in quite a while and hadn't been to a concert in a few years. It was a blast!!!! :)

I have successfully completed my first class at Columbia College and passed my psychology course with a B! I'm very very very proud of myself. I just signed up for my next course which ought to be interesting i'm taking Intermediate Algebra...yikes!

Lorelai is doing well she continues to grow! She is all smiles most of the time. She is sitting up extremely well and is working on crawling. It's so funny she can get up on all fours and then starts rocking but just hasn't quite figured out how to get the hands and feet moving! So hopefully we will work on that some more. The doctor gave her the okay start eating real "grown up" food if it's soft and small. We have discovered she loves pasta, vegetables, yogurt, and boy oh boy does she love bananas! She has also discovered the joys of playing in mashed potatoes! She had her fashion show at the kids day last weekend and she looked so stinking cute! I will post some pictures soon!

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