Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A New Chapter

Well friends, I feel like I'm starting a new chapter in my life. I got accepted to Columbia College and will be starting school again shortly...hopefully like next week if everything goes well. I'm very excited about that. I plan on finishing up my pre requisites and then I can apply to there nursing school! I'm extremely excited about that. Meanwhile, dad's house is up for sale. The landlord decided she had one to many properties and has decided to put the house up for sale. So, dad and I are dealing with house showings which is driving me nuts at the moment. It's kind of hard to keep a house perfect with a 5 month old. So if you know of any places for rent fairly cheap in Boonville please let me know.

Lorelai is now 5 months old and getting into everything! She is still working on sitting up. She can get the top half of her back up but not the lower half. She is still rolling over to her stomach but hasn't figured out rolling over to her back. Oh and we started actual baby food. She is totally loving that and I can't seem to feed it to her fast enough. These past few days she has been congested so I'm trying to keep her from getting sick. Vicks vapor rub is totally amazing! Anywho I can't believe it's been five months already. She just keeps growing and suprising me everyday!

On the other hand my good friend Nic came home from boot camp this past week! It was good to see him. I can't even begin to say how proud of him I am and how greatful I am for his service even though he is just beginning! I pray for all of our service members and the hard work that they do and their families that allow them to do it! Unfortunately, Nic had to leave this morning to go to combat training and then to tech school. So it's going to be awhile before we see him again.

Last but not least apart of this new chapter in my life is I'm once again determined to lose more weight! Being pregnant does some strange things to your body. I have to say I have lost all the "baby weight" but it has shifted all the weight into some places that I really don't like! So I'm working on that! Bring on the fruits, veggies, water/tea, and some good old fashion exercise!

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