Friday, January 14, 2011

Brittney is Going to Drive Me Nuts if I Don't Do This!

Here it goes....Since the last time I have posted Dad managed to fall and break his ankle in three places on Nov 22nd. Then Nov 29th he had surgery on his ankle. That went pretty good and since then he has been home with his foot elevated and on "good drugs" as he likes to say. So Lorelai and I have been staying at my dad's helping him out and trying to get him back on his feet, literally. Dad just recently got a letter stating that there is a possibility that he could go back to work on light duty on Jan 17th but would be unable to go back to full duty until May 2nd. Just in time for my sister Zoe's 18th bday and graduation! Meanwhile, he has just recently this past week gotten a low grade infection which had been causing him to chill and have a slight fever. He was put on antibiotics and we get to wait till he goes to the doctor on Jan 18th. Thanksgiving was fun. Me and my siblings spent thanksgiving with my mom. At our house we consider Thanksgiving to be "mom's holiday." She loves it! It was great to be around my family and spend some time with them. Then we were going to go to dad's that evening but we were so exhausted that we just decided we would have Thanksgiving w/ dad over the weekend. That was totally enjoyable we went out for our dinner and got to enjoy each others company.

December and Christmas was an interesting time. December I got a 3rd job which is a temporary full time job at MBS Books in there call center. So I started training for them Dec 13th and finished training on the 28th. I actually had my first day on the call floor on Dec 29th and that was a totally nerve racking experience in my life. There are so many little details involved in that and make it a kind of complicated job when you are first learning. You definitely have to be good at multitasking. I guess that's why a lot of women work there. lol. Anyhow, I'm still working there and hoping that it may lead to a full time permanent position. We will see what happens with that though! Christmas, Oh boy what a story! It started off Christmas Eve my entire family including both my parents went to Christmas Eve service and sat together. Mom then invited dad over for chili afterwards. So we all loaded up after church and went to mom's for dinner. It was almost 11pm by the time we wound down. So mom suggested that Dad should just go stay the night at my brothers house with him and then come back in the morning and we can all open presents together and have breakfast. Christmas morning us girls woke up and got the morning rolling and waited oh so very patiently for my dad and brother to arrive. It was noon before they finally got there! We then all got our presents and opened them one by one. Then we sat down and had what was supposed to be breakfast but turned out to be more of a brunch. After that we all laid down and took naps because we were exhausted. When we all finally woke up it was time for another McDougal Family tradition.....CHINESE! This all started one year when mom burnt the food for our Christmas dinner so we decided we were going to go out to eat and the only place open was the Chinese restaurants. Now every Christmas we go out for dinner at the Chinese restaurant. So Dad had invited mom to come to Chinese dinner with us. We all went to Chinese and had an enjoyable time. I will say though trying to get food when your on crutches is quite the experience as dad was soon to find out. Lorelai, managed to knock over my full glass of soda with her arm at dinner. I was very happy to have her around and watch her experience her first Christmas w/ all the crazy McDougal Family Traditions. I was also very blessed to actually get to spend an entire Christmas with my whole family together. That was quite the experience in being humble and learning to forgive.

It's now January and Lorelai is now 3 months old. At her 2 month doctor appt she was 10 pounds 12.5 ounces and 22 in long. At that same appt she got her first shots. She handled it like a champ. She cried for 5 minutes and then was just fine. I also found out that she has colic. That has been a test of my patience. Overall though she is doing wonderfully and getting big. She has gotten a lot more vocal and this weekend we hit a huge milestone. She rolled over all by herself! i was a very proud mommy to see that happen!

Things just continue to be interesting around here and full of new adventures every day!

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