Monday, October 25, 2010

Lorelai Elizabeth 10/7/10! She finally made it to the world!

I know I'm a little behind but I figured I would try to update a little bit. On Oct 5th I had my 37 week doctor appointment. Well at that point I was still doing ultrasounds every week and in these ultrasounds they watch the baby to see if they do their practice breathing. Well my daughter decided not to do her practice breathing. My doctor then decided that we would do another ultrasound the next day and see if she decided to do it then. So I went in the next day and they did the ultrasound and of course my stubborn daugther decided that she didn't want to do her breathing exercises again. Then we went in and talked to my doctor again and he decided that it was time to induce!

Next step was to run home get my bags and call everyone under the sun and let them know we would be having a baby the next day! After about an hour or so I finally got back to the hospital and they gave me a med called cervadel to try to thin out my cervix. I had to keep that in for 12 hours and then they started the pitocin. This started my contractions and there I sat for the next 12 hours having contractions that they kept telling me were as strong as contractions that women normally have at 10cm and I was sleeping through them! They were totally amazed! Anyhow eventually I dilated to 4cm and then got stuck there for about four hours. The doctor then said that it was time to consider a c-section. Which made me extremely upset. I was bound and determined to have this baby naturally but they were worried that if I kept trying naturally that something would happen. So, I finally agreed to have the c-section. They then wheeled me off and got me prepped. I ended up having a spinal block which totally numbed me from mid belly all the way to my toes. One of the strangest feelings I think I will ever experience. They got me into the operating room and it was freezing cold. I was shaking so bad I thought I was having a seizure. Eventually they finally let my mom come in and sit with me which was very comforting to have her in there with me. Next thing I knew I was getting sick and threw up apple juice all over the place! Mom laughs and says I managed to make it 21 years with out getting puked on! Anyhow the doctor is sitting there tugging and pulling on my stomach and all I feel like is there is some very weird numb,pressure feeling all over. Then all of a sudden at 7:04pm I heard my baby girl cry! It was the greatest thing ever. It felt like it took forever for them to bring her around to me so I could see her. When I finally got to see her all I could think was how much she looked like me. She has my eyes and mouth and her daddy's nose, hands, and feet! She was goregous. She weighed 7 pounds 2 ounces and was 20 and 3/4 inches long! She had a head full of black thick hair and she came out peeing on the doctors and flipping them off. We then stayed in the hosptial for four days after that and met everyone! Then we got to go home and have been enjoying each other and learning about each others little tendencies ever since then!

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