Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gosh I'm so behind!

Okay, so life is still and constantly will be crazy busy. I'm working like crazy at school trying to get these last few weeks finished up. Which is proving to be the most challenging part of the entire year. Along with planning retirement parties, baby showers, and my school graduation. Meanwhile, this week I'm on vacation and well that means getting to work more hours and do more homework. I'm totally excited about more hours at work. I hate not being able to work as much because of school. Oh, speaking of I got an email from the HR department at the University Hospital asking for two teacher references meaning that I could very well be on the way to having a LPN job before I get out of school! Yay! I'm so freaking excited, I can't even begi to tell you how much stress that would relieve! Had a doctors appt yesterday and baby Lorelai is doing amazingly well. She is growing like a bean. She keeps kicking me and in the last week it just got to the point where people can now put their hands on my belly and feel her kick. It's pretty cool to experience that even thouhg it's an odd feeling. Lol. I found out that after this next four week visit I get to go in every week to have u/s done so they can monitor how she is growing because of my history of having high blood pressure. Even though its been completely normal since I have been pregnant but oh well as long as my little girl is healthy that's what's important at this point. Then I had a dentist appt this morning because my gums have been bleeding and they hurt like haitis at the moment. The dentist said that it's part of pregnancy but on top of it I have peridontal disease which I guess is just inflammation of my gums. So, I get to go in at some point and do a deep cleaning where they are going to have to numb my entire mouth to clean because my mouth is so sensitive and it hurts so bad right now. Also, my wisdom teeth are coming in...yikes!!! They can't do anything about that till after the baby is born. So that's all that's goin on as of right now.

Have a great day!

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