Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Busy Bee Week

Let's see last Wednesday was a fairly relaxing day as far as work is concerned. After work, I went with my mom, sister, and our friend Melanie to church for community live. I have really enjoyed going to community live here lately as it is just a good time for me to stop in the middle of the week and get to a peaceful spot and slow my world down again and refresh for the rest of the week. Some funny things happening at during Community Live have to be Rod saying the phrase "swagger wagon" to which I then found out Toyota had made a hillarious video that is called that....it's quite entertaining to say the least. Then David Arinder one of our pastors was talking about the joys of being an empty nester and how his wife took the towels to do laundry while he was in the shower so he just hopped out of the shower and walked through the house....things we didn't want to know. Then to end the night at Community Live James one of the guys in the band had everyone playing the air guitar. Zoe and Mom did a wonderful job with their air guitar performance. After community live Mom and I took Lorelai to the quad on campus to go see Sherlock Holmes 2. Such a great movie and it was a goregous night to be watching the movie under the stars! Love doing things like that!

Friday night I got to experience a little bit of freedom! Lol My boss's band Faded Youth was playing at a local bar here in town and they invited everyone out to go watch them play. So my daddy was nice enough to watch Lorelai for me so I could go out and see the band. It was great fun and daddy I can't thank you enough. Saturday morning we got up and met my dad, Lorelai, Parker, Caroline, and Zoe at Cracker Barrel for a Happy Father's Day/Happy Birthday Parker celebration. It was really fun to have everyone together. We don't do that often enough! Then Saturday afternoon Mom made Parker a cheescake for his birthday and we all got to enjoy a wonderful lunch together.

Sunday I got up and went to church and then just spent the afternoon relaxing a bit. Then later that evening I took Lorelai to the Juneteenth event. I think it's important to expose her to heritage. After that Zoe, Mom, Lorelai, and I went to the summer concert series at Shelter Gardens where they had a bluegrass and cajun band playing. It was a ton of fun and Lorelai really enjoys music. So she had a blast dancing and running around in circles.

That's been the excitement in the life of the McDougals!
As they say to be continued.........

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