Friday, September 16, 2011

Adventures of Lorelai!

It has been an extremely busy week for little miss Lorelai. Last weekened we went and spent the weekend over at Mimi's (grandma's) and Lorelai kept trying to get off the couch. She would scootch to the edge and kind of look down at the ground like how do I get down there. So Mimi rolled her over on her belly and showed her how to swing one foot off the couch and then the other. Now Lorelai constantly wants to climb up and down off the couch.

Then next thing I know Mimi had gone upstairs and Lorelai was at the base of the stairs and I was behind her and she starts climbing up the stairs. So we let her climb all the way up the stairs and then I brought her back down the stairs and she climbed right back up. I decided it's time to get the baby gates!

Last nigh I was sitting with her and we were watching dora and swipper was taking something I don't exactly remember what but Lorelai out of nowhere starts saying "Uh Oh" over and over and over again! I though it was absolutely adorbable! I do believe that her going to daycare is having some benefits! Anyhow, I will get some new pics up of Lorelai soon! 

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